Want to register WServer?

Get that warm, nice feeling of doing the right thing, giving my children food on their table, and so on? :-)
Anyway, even as this started out as a hobby, I can surely admit
that nowadays it is the registrations which keeps me going on...

You can send money to anyone, and PayPal charges it to your bank account or credit card.
It's faster, safer, and easier than mailing a check.

I would like an amount of 35 USD, forever, all eventual future upgrades included... :-)

If you're not sure this is really worth paying for,
at least send my children a nice picture postcard from where you live?

Mail the card to:

Tiril, Daniel, Celina & Adrian Henriksen
Smiskaret 86D
N-7563 Malvik

Don't forget to include your emailaddress, and I'll let you know when we get it!